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PETE DOCTER (Director/Story) makes his feature film-directing debut on "Monsters, Inc." following an illustrious career as one of Pixar's pioneering creative talents. A protege of filmmaking pioneer John Lasseter, Docter began his association with Pixor in 1990 and has been hooked on computer animation ever since. As part of the original story team that helped to write and board "Toy Story," he worked on the project for 4/1/2 years and also took on the role of supervising animator. His other Pixar credits include animating and directing commercials for Tropicana Fruit Juice, Tetra-Pak drink box recycling and Lifesaver Holes at the beach. Docter's interest in animation began at age 8 when he made his first flipbook. He w3ent on to study character animation at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) in Valencia, where he produced several student films ("Winter," "Palm Springs" and the Student Academy Award-winning "Next Door"). Prior to joining Pixar, he was involved in creating hand-drawn animation for Disney, Bob Rogers and Company, Bajus-Jones Film Corp. and Reelworks in Minneapolis.

Docter and his wife, Amanda, have two children.

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