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Born in Antibes in 1960, CHRISTOPHE GANS fell in love with the movies at a very early age. As a teenager, he created his first fanzine Rhesus Zero to share his passion for the Kung Fu, sci-fi and fantasy films that he spent all his spare time watching. It was a logical step to apply to study at France's prestigious film school, L'Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinematographiques. Christophe's IDHEC graduation project, SILVER SLIME, was very well received at the 1982 Paris Festival. However, faced with the reticence of French producers to venture into his preferred genres, Christophe co-founded his own movie magazine, Starfix, in 1983. Aged 22, Christophe was the youngest chief editor of any French publication. The first issue set the tone with a rapturous article on Sam Raimi's THE EVIL DEAD. Starfix soon became the outspoken champion of directors such as David Cronenberg, Dario Argento and Brian De Palma. Meanwhile, as a consultant for Scherzo Video, Christophe engineered the video release of some of his favorite Asian movies directed by Tsui Hark or from the famous Shaw Brothers' studios. Just as he was beginning to despair of the tastes of French producers, Christophe met Samuel Hadida, who shared his vision of producing international, broad-based, commercial entertainment. Hadida asked Christophe to join his newly created production company, Davis Films, to develop exciting new projects such as an adaptation of Liberatore's cult comic book, RanXerox. In 1992-3, Christophe wrote and directed HOTEL OF THE DROWNED, part one of a three-part feature entitled H.P. LOVECRAFT'S NECRONOMICON, which convinced investors that Christophe was the man to shoot a live action version of CRYING FREEMAN, the famous manga created by Koike and Ikegami. The movie CRYING FREEMAN, starring Mark Dacascos, was released in 1996 and achieved immediate cult status worldwide. Christophe describes CRYING FREEMAN as "a costume drama shot in the present day". For the director, BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF (LE PACTE DES LOUPS) is the logical follow-up for it is "an action and adventure movie shot in the 18th century" and allows him to apply the full range of his talents to bringing a terrifying legend to the screen.

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