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ANDREW DAVIS (Director) has a reputation for helming intelligent action thrillers, most notably "The Fugitive," starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, which garnered seven Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, as well as a Golden Globe nomination and a Directors Guild Award for Davis.

Davis, a Chicago native and former journalism student, began his career as an assistant cameraman to the influential Haskell Wexler on the 1969 classic "Medium Cool." He then became a director of photography for numerous award-winning television commercials and documentaries as well as a number of studio and independent features. In 1976 Davis challenged IATSE's restrictive studio roster system in a landmark suit that forced the industry to open its doors to young technicians in all crafts.

His 1979 directorial debut. "Stony Island," was a critically acclaimed semi- autobiographical independent musical that he also co-wrote and produced, with a soundtrack featuring jazz great David Sanborn, and introducing Dennis Franz. It was followed by the 1981 thriller "The Final Terror," for producer Joe Roth, starring newcomers Daryl Hannah, Joe Pantoliano, Rachel Ward and Adrian Zmed. Davis then co-wrote the screenplay for Harry Belafonte's rap musical, "Beat Street," before moving to directing full-time with "Code of Silence," starring Chuck Norris; Steven Seagal's feature debut "Above the Law," on which Davis also served as a producer and writer; "The Package," starring Gene Hackman and Tommy Lee Jones; and 1992's top-grossing film, "Under Siege," which re-teamed the director with both Jones and Seagal.

Davis went on to direct Andy Garcia and Alan Arkin in "Steal Big, Steal Little," direct and produce "Chain Reaction," starring Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman and Rachel Weisz, and direct "A Perfect Murder," with Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow.

His Santa Barbara-based production company, Chicago Pacific Entertainment, is currently in pre-production on a motion picture based on the award-winning book Holes, by Louis Sachar. which Davis will direct.

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