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ELIAS KOTEAS (Agent Brandt), a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and a member of the prestigious Actors' Studio, has a career defined by bold challenges, often in the films of some of our most groundbreaking contemporary directors.

Koteas broke out as an international sensation from his starring role in David Cronenberg's controversial "Crash," which was awarded a special prize at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival for daring and audacity. Following that, he was recognized for his portrayal of the war-numbed commander in Terence Malick's Oscar-nominated film, "The Thin Red Line." Most recently, Koteas starred in "Novocaine," with Steve Martin and Helena Bonham Carter, and "Harrison's Flowers," with Andie MacDowell and Adrien Brody, as well as the HBO original movie "Shot in the Heart," in which he plays notorious murderer Gary Gilmore. Upcoming is the feature "Ararart," which reunites him with director Atom Egoyan.

Koteas also recently starred on Broadway in "True West."

Koteas has worked with one of Canada's most accomplished directors, Atom Egoyan, starring in "The Adjuster" and in "Exotica," for which he earned a Genie Award (Canada's Oscar) for Best Supporting Actor. He also received notice for his co-starring portraits in such films as "Gattaca," starring Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke and Jude Law, and Gregory Hoblit's "Fallen? opposite Denzel Washington. Other film credits include Bryan Singer's "Apt Pupil," "Living Out Loud" and Steven Shainberg's "Hit Me."

Early in his career, Francis Ford Coppola drew on Koteas' powerful screen presence in "Gardens of Stone" and "Tucker." These performances were followed by Peter Masterson's "Full Moon in Blue Water," in which he co-starred with Gene Hackman. His lead role as the investigative reporter in Roger Cardinal's true-life story "Malarek," earned Koteas his first of two Genie nominations, for Best Actor.

Koteas' television credits include a co-starring role in HBO's "Sugartime." opposite John Turturro and Mary Louise Parker, and Horton Foote's searing drama, "The Habitation of Dragons." Among his theatrical performances was a starring role in "Kiss of the Spider Woman," at the Yale Repertory Theatre.


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