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One of the most successful entertainers in box-office history, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's (Gordy Brewer) achievements cross a broad spectrum of work from acting, directing and producing to athletic competitions, business ventures and community service.

Prior to launching his film career the Austrian native was a competitive bodybuilder, earning an unprecedented 13 world titles. In 1970 he landed a small part in the aptly titled "Hercules in New York," and followed with a key role in Bob Rafelson's "Stay Hungry," for which he earned winning reviews and a Golden Globe Award for Best Newcomer. The 1977 feature documentary about bodybuilding competitions, "Pumping Iron," marked Schwarzenegger's move into acting as a full time career.

The 1982 blockbuster "Conan the Barbarian" and its popular sequel "Conan the Destroyer" with Schwarzenegger in the title role secured him a devoted following worldwide. He followed that success with the futuristic thriller "The Terminator." Schwarzenegger. a name now virtually synonymous with the term action hero, went on to star in a phenomenal string of crowd-pleasing adventure films including 'Commando." "Raw Deal," "Predator," "The Running Man? "Red Heat" and "Total Recall."

Revealing his talent for comedy, Schwarzenegger starred in the Ivan Reitman hit "Twins," with Danny deVito, and went on to charm audiences in "Junior," for which he received another Golden Globe nomination, this time for Best Actor in a Comedy, before renewing his action persona in the hugely successful "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."

Schwarzenegger continues to be the driving force behind many of the industry's biggest blockbusters, including "Kindergarten Cop," "Last Action Hero," "True Lies," "Eraser," "Batman & Robin," "End of Days" and "The 6th Day." Active behind the scenes as well, he directed "The Switch," an episode of the popular HBO series "Tales from the Crypt," and a TNT remake of the holiday classic "Christmas in Connecticut." He is slated to star in "Terminator 3" and "True Lies 2" in 2002.

His proudest accomplishment is his involvement with a number of youth-oriented philanthropic organizations around the world, including Special Olympics and the Inner-City Games Foundation. The Inner-City Games, of which he is the National Chairman, provides opportunities for young people through education, physical fitness, a wide range of sporting events, the arts and computers, teaching teamwork, discipline, goals, hard work, winning and losing, and to respect themselves and others.

Among the many acknowledgements Schwarzenegger has received for his community service over the years are the Simon Weisenthal Center's National Leadership Award, for his support of the organization's Holocaust studies, the National Association of Theater Owners' 1997 Sho West Humanitarian of the Year Award, the 1998 Moving Picture Ball's American Cinematheque Award, the International World Sports Awards Lifetime Achievement Award, the Taurus Honorary Award from the World Stunt Awards organization and the Father Flanagan Service to Youth Award from the Boys and Girls Town for his efforts with the Inner- City Games and Special Olympics. In 1993 ShoWest created a new award to present him in recognition of both his career and his philanthropic service: International Star of the Decade.

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