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TAMRA DAVIS (Director) made her first feature film in 1992 when she directed the critically-acclaimed "Guncrazy" starring Drew Barrymore, and she followed that directorial success with the comedy hit "CB4," which starred "Saturday Night Live" veterans Chris Rock and Phil Hartman. She next directed another star of that same hit variety show, Adam Sandler in the hilarious "Billy Madison'' and continued striking comedic gold with "Half Baked" starring Dave Chappelle.

In addition to a successful feature film career, Davis directed the documentary "Mi Vida Loca," which focuses on gang relations in the San Fernando Valley, and features the music of Metallica, and she also directed two shorts, "To The Curb" starring lone Skye and Adam Horowitz, and "Sophie Goes To The Beach" starring Bette Midler. Married to Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Davis has directed over a hundred music videos for such artists as Hanson, Luscious Jackson, Sonic Youth, Cher and Bette Midler, as well as a feature—length concert film for the Indigo Girls. Recently, she traveled to Africa where she directed a film for the United Nations and former President Clinton's initiative on landmines.


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