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MATT ALVAREZ is the head of production at Cube Vision where he is developing several projects including Shadow Man, based on the Akklaim comic Book series, and Pimp, written by Rob Weiss and Bruce Rubenstein and being directed by Bill Duke. Currently he is in production on Friday After Next, the next installment of the Friday franchise. He is also developing the television series "Be Careful What You Wish For" at HBO.

In charge of operations for Cube Vision, Alvarez is also responsible for nurturing new writers and directors, acquiring and developing music projects and overseeing the company's expansion into television and other areas of entertainment.

He was previously acquisitions and co-production manager at Fine Line Features. Co-producer of Next Friday, his projects have also included Mother Night, starring Nick Nolte, Roseanna's Grave with Jean Reno, and the Academy Award-nominated Shine. Alvarez also headed development efforts on the upcoming features Prison Song, starring Q-Tip, and Sleeping Dictionary, directed by Guy Jenkin.


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