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MATTHEW LAWRENCE'S (Billy) first experience in Hollywood was on the set of "Gimme a Break," when as a child he suddenly found himself working alongside brother Joey. Shortly thereafter, Matthew booked "Planes, Trains & Automobiles," which was a great experience for him, because he worked with John Hughes, Steve Martin, and John Candy (who worked with brother Joey on "Summer Rental"). However, it was not until Matthew worked on "Mrs. Doubtfire" with Robin Williams that he decided to pursue a full time career as an actor. Matthew has since starred with brothers Joey and Andy in the NBC series "Brotherly Love" and then struck out on his own to star in the ABC series "Boy Meets World." He will next be seen in "Cheaters" for New Line Cinema.

Matthew's favorite food is pizza and his favorite bands are Dave Matthews, U2 and Linkin Park. He is enrolled at USC Film School and plans on directing one day. Matthew loves animals and would like to become a zoologist when he retires from Hollywood.


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