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ALICIA WITT (JUNE CARTER) plays a sharp Harvard Law grad who wastes no time in getting to know her handsome new boss.

Most recently seen in Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky and the John Waters film Cecil B. DeMented, Witt also won a Best Actress Award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival for her role in Playing Mona Lisa.  She also received the "Special Jury Recognition” Award at the Sundance Film Festival for her role in the critically acclaimed Fun.  She made her film debut in David Lynch's Dune and was cast by the same director in his Emmy Award-winning television series Twin Peaks.  Witt has also appeared in Mr. Holland's Opus, Four Rooms, Liebestraum, Bodies, Rest & Motion and Bongwater. 

Witt co-starred as Cybill Shepherd's quirky daughter for four years on the popular CBS sitcom Cybill, and later appeared on the television period drama Passion's Way.  She has also made memorable appearances on HBO's The Sopranos as well as Ally McBeal.


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