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DAISY VON SCHERLER MAYER (Director) The grand-daughter of famed Hollywood screenwriter Edwin Justus Mayer (To Be or Not to Be, Midnight, Desire), Daisy von Scherler Mayer grew up 'backstage" in New York City where her parents were actress Sasha von Scherler, and writer Paul Avila Mayer (creator of Ryan's Hope).

Working behind the scenes at the New York Shakespeare Festival as a teenager, von Scherler Mayer went on to graduate with a degree in theater and history from Wesleyan University. After college, she directed contemporary interpretations of classic plays such as Euripides' Electra, Shakespeare's The Tempest and Two Gentleman in Verona

Her feature film directing debut was the critically acclaimed 1995 hit Party Girl, which she also co-wrote with partner Harry Birckmayer. Party Girl starred Parker Posey and her mother. The success of Party Girl also led to a FOX television series. 

Since then, von Scherler Mayer has been busy writing and directing films. She directed Madeline, which was based on Ludwig Bemelmans' classic children's books about the escapades of the little redheaded French girl. The film starred Academy Award® winner Frances McDormand, Oscar® nominee Nigel Hawthorne and Hatty Jones as Madeline. 

She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband.

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