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MAE WHITMAN (SHANTI) carries a resume that belies her 14 years of age. The daughter of actress Par Musick, Whitman has already starred in the feature films like the blockbuster "Independence Day," opposite Sandra Bullock in "Hope Floats" and alongside George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer in "One Fine Day." In addition, she has been a series regular on the primetime network programs "State of Grace," "Chicago Hope" and "JAG," as well as guest starring on "Friends," "Providence," "Judging Amy" and "Early Edition." Whitman's voiceover work runs the gamut from Disney's "Fillmore!" and "Teacher's Pet" to "Duckman," "The Wild Thornberrys" and "Johnny Bravo."

"I used to kid with Mae that she acted in A-list movies and just did animation voiceovers for fun," recalls Thomason. "Mae is incredibly bright, infinitely directable, and one of the sweetest, brightest young actors in the industry today. She's spunky, feisty, caring, lovable, concerned, adult, playful ... and she's still a kid. She gave us everything we could have hoped for in Shanri."


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