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VING RHAMES (Arthur Holland) has made a name for himself as one of the most talented actors working in film today. His upcoming films include Envy, directed by Barry Levinson. Other feature credits include Undisputed, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Lilo and Stitch, Mission: Impossible II, Bringing Out the Dead, Entrapment, Out of Sight, Con Air, Rosewood, Striptease, Mission: Impossible, Kiss of Death, Pulp Fiction, The Saint of Fort Washington, Dave, The People Under the Stairs, Jacob's Ladder, and The Long Walk Home

On television, Rhames' credits include Don King: Only in America (for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award and won a Golden Globe), The District, Holiday Heart, American Tragedy, Lightning, When You Remember Me, Rising Son, Another World, and Go Tell it on the Mountain.

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