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Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, JASON LEE (Beaver) turned a childhood pastime of skateboarding into a professional career. He began to develop an interest in acting after moving to Los Angeles in his twenties.

Lee's big break came in 1995 when he was cast in the leading role of the slacker ‘Brodie' in writer/director Kevin Smith's comedy Mallrats. Mallrats was the first of four movies with Smith. Lee's performance as Ben Affleck's insecure, outspoken roommate ‘Banky' in Chasing Amy won him an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor. He also starred in Smith's supernatural comedy Dogma as the demonic ‘Azrael' and in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Lee was the lead singer of the 1970s rock band Stillwater in writer/director Cameron Crowe's Golden Globe-winning film Almost Famous. He went on to re-team with Crowe for Vanilla Sky, playing the best friend of Tom Cruise's character.

Lee's additional credits include Lawrence Kasdan's Mumford, in which he played a lonely young skateboarding billionaire, A Guy Thing, Stealing Harvard, Big Trouble, Heartbreakers, Enemy of the State, Kissing A Fool and American Cuisine.


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