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JAKE BUSEY (Robert Maine) is a multi-faceted young actor who has turned in numerous standout performances, from the murderous religious fanatic in "Contact" opposite Jodie Foster to the smart-mouthed soldier in Paul Verhoeven's "Starship Troopers."

Busey will next be seen starring in the black comedy "The First 20 Million is Always The Hardest." Recent movies include "Fast Sofa," with Natasha Lyonne and Jennifer Tilly, "Taillights Fade," the comedy "Tomcats" and with Jamie Foxx in "Held Up."

Raised in Mailbu, Busey spent his childhood summers on film sets and touring with bands that his father, Gary Busey, played in. He began his career choices at age 5 when he took up the two hobbies that grew into professions: acting and playing the drums. His motion picture debut was in the film "Straight Time" with his father and Dustin Hoffman. On the guidance of his parents, he spend the rest of his childhood focusing on school and the drums (the latter which he learned from his father and legends Mick Fleetwood and Jim Keltner). After completing a semester of college, he decided to pursue acting. For three years, Busey took part in an intensive acting program and then went to a 3-month workshop with acclaimed acting teacher James Best (who also taught his father in the 1960s).

Busey began his career with parts in films like James L. Brooks' "I'll Do Anything" and "SFW," which led to roles in such high-profile films as "Home Fries" with Drew Barrymore and Luke Wilson, the Tony Scott-directed "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Peter Jackson's "The Frighteners."

In his spare time, Busey works on his first love: music. Currently he is playing bass guitar in a band and writing music. He is also a licensed pilot and spends several days a month flying.


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