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ROBERT SOUZA (Co-Writer and Co-Producer) served 22 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, retiring as a top grade Detective III. His inspiration to write dates back to 1970 when fellow detective Joseph Wambaugh became his favorite author with his first best-selling novel The New Centurions. Souza began attending evening courses at California State University, struggling through Homer and Shakespeare while continuing to perform the demanding duties of a Los Angeles Police Detective. Graduating with a degree in English, he developed a habit of collecting, writing and filing information on interesting, zany personal experiences and events in the daily life of a cop. That file, which includes side jobs, ongoing battles with Internal Affairs Division and some other questionable activities, served as the nucleus for Hollywood Homicide.

As a young officer, Souza was assigned to the "Hollywood Dicks" (as they are called) to investigate bizarre and unusual homicides in Tinsel Town. He then landed a position in the prestigious Robbery Homicide Division, serving as a citywide crime task force coordinator and investigator of serial killers, major crimes and complex multi-jurisdictional homicide cases, handling dozens of high-profile cases. They include the Westside Rapist case that claimed more than 50 elderly victims, the William Bonin "Freeway Killer" case, involving the brutal deaths of more than 23 young boys and the Dorothy Mae arson murder that took the lives of 26 people. He and his partner Tom Lange also investigated the quadruple Wonderland Murder Case involving porn star John Holmes. Souza and Lange have written a book entitled Four on the Floor, a 20-year case study delving into the worlds of pornography, drugs, murder-for-hire, graft and corruption.

Writer/director Ron Shelton asked Souza to serve as law-enforcement consultant on the film Dark Blue, also set in the world of the L.A.P.D. It was during filming that Souza and Shelton began writing Hollywood Homicide.


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