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BILL PAXTON is an acclaimed actor who has been associated with some of the most successful films in history, including TITANIC, TWISTER, APOLLO 13, ALIENS, and TERMINATOR. He has won critical acclaim with his performances in such independent films as ONE FALSE MOVE, TRAVELLER and A SIMPLE PLAN. Most recently, Paxton starred in VERTICAL LIMIT was seen as the Captain in the WWII submarine hit, U-571. Paxton was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in HBO's A BRIGHT SHINING LIE. In addition, Roger Ebert voted Paxton best actor of the year for his work in A SIMPLE PLAN.

Moving to Hollywood from his hometown in Texas, Paxton got his start working as a set dresser on Roger Corman's BIG BAD MAMA. After working in the art department on several features, he decided to move to New York to study acting. Returning to Los Angeles in 1980, he met James Cameron while moonlighting as one of Cameron's set dressers on the low budget Sci-fi GALAXIE OF TERROR. He then began accumulating acting credits, first in B-horror movies such as MORTUARY, then in studio films such as THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, STREETS OF FIRE and the classic John Hughes comedy, WEIRD SCIENCE, in which Paxton caught the audience's attention as Chet, the bullying older brother. Other film credits include NEAR DARK, PASS THE AMMO, TRESPASS, TOMBSTONE and INDIAN SUMMER.


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