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RICK McCALLUM (Producer) began his career as a producer, working with one of Britain's most esteemed screenwriters, the late Dennis Potter, on the screen adaptation of Pennies from Heaven, starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. McCallum then went on to produce for Mr. Potter, Dream Child and Blackeyes. Dream Child won three BAFTA awards and an Evening Standard Award for Best Actress (Coral Browne). He also was the executive producer of the acclaimed six-pan BBC series The Singing Detective.

McCallum also established a close working relationship with director Nicolas Roeg and produced Roeg's Castaway and Track 29. For writer/director David Hare, McCallum produced Heading Home, starring Gary Oldman and Joely Richardson, as well as Hare's Strapless, starring Blair Brown, Bruno Ganz and Bridget Fonda. He also produced Neil Simon's I Ought to Be in Pictures starring Walter Matthau, and Link starring Terence Stamp and Elisabeth Shue.

For television, McCallum produced the HBO film On Tidy Endings, written by Harvey Fierstein and starring Fierstein and Stockard Channing. The production received four CableAce Awards, including Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay. He also produced The Rolling Stones' music video "Undercover," which won the MTV Award for Best Video of the Decade.

Since 1990, McCallum has worked exclusively with writer/director George Lucas. The two collaborated on the feature film Radioland Murders and the critically acclaimed television series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. This series, filmed over a period of four years in 30 countries, received 32 Emmy nominations and won 12 Emmy Awards. It also won the 1993 Banff Award for Best Continuing Series and received a 1993 Golden Globe nomination for Best Dramatic Series. Series directors included Bille August, Mike Newell, Nicolas Roeg, Carl Schultz, Simon Wincer, David Hare, Deepa Mehta, Rene Manzor, Michael Schultz, Gavin Miller and Terry Jones.

McCallum also produced the highly successful Star Wars Special Edition and, of course, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.


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