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CHRIS COOPER was nominated for a 1999 Screen Actors Guild Award and received acclaim for his supporting role alongside Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening in the Academy Award winning American Beauty.

Cooper was most recently seen as Colonel Burwell opposite Mel Gibson in The Patriot, a Revolutional War epic directed by Roland Emmerich. Also in 2000, Cooper appeared with Jim Carrey in the comedy Me, Myself and Irene, for directors peter and Bobby Farrelly.

Cooper starred as the father of an amateur rocket enthusiast in the acclaimed coming-of-age drama October Sky, which was screen at the 1999 Venice and Deauville Film Festivals. He had previously earned a Best Actor nomination in 1997 from the Independent Spirit Awards for his work in John Saylers' Long Star. Nearly a decade earlier, Cooper made his feature film debut in Sayles' Matewan.

Among Cooper's previous film credits are Robert Redford's The Horse Whisperer, Great Expectations, A Time to Kill, Money Train, This Boy's Life, Guilty By Suspicion and Sayles' City of Hope.

Upcoming, Cooper will play the pivotal role of Laroche in Adaptation, reuniting the writer (Charlie Kaufman) and director (Spike Jonze) of Being John Malkovich. The film is loosely based on Susan Orlean's novel, The Orchid Thief, which follows a sexually frustrated screenwriter's attempts to adapt Orlean's anecdotal novel for the screen.

On the small screen, Cooper has had roles in a number of longform projects, including the miniseries Lonesome Dove and Return to Lonesome Dove. He most recently starred in HBO's Breast Men, and includes among his other credits Alone, One More Mountain, Ned Blessing, Bed of Lies, Darrow, In Broad Daylight, A Little Piece of Sunshine, law and Order and Journey to Genius.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Cooper attended the University of Missouri School of Drama and started his professional career on the new York state. His theater credits include Of the Fields Lately on Broadway, The Ballad of Soapy Smith and A Different Moon.


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