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SANOE LAKE (Lena) is new to film but not to surfing. The Hawaii native and model turned actress comes from a long line of notable athletes involved in water sports.

Her mother won numerous surfing championships and is one of the legendary Waikiki Beach Riders and her father is a Big Wave surfer in Hawaii. Her grandfather was a member of the Kahuanu Lake Trio while her grandmother at age 72 remains an avid rough-water swimmer.

Lake, who now lives in California, grew up surfing the waves off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. It was that history that made her a natural fit as the gypsy surfer girl Lena for Blue Crush, her feature film debut. But she is not a novice in front of the camera. At 16, longtime friend and Jet Set Management Group founder Cindy Kauanui asked Lake to join the Jet Set stable of athletic models. Since then she has appeared in Sports Illustrated, File, Seventeen and on the cover of Wahine.

She was a guest host on MTV's Ultimate Winter Vacation and on The Surf Channel in surfing shows spanning the globe from Tahiti to Bali, from New York to Japan.


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