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STEVEN BRILL (Director) studied film at Boston University's Film School before moving to Los Angeles to write screenplays. A fortuitous visit to watch a Pee Wee hockey practice led to the idea for a film called The Mighty Ducks, a script later sold to Walt Disney Pictures. The 1992 film starred Emilio Estevez as the coach of an unlikely championship team. A year later, the NHL welcomed "The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" to their first season. Brill wrote and executive produced the 1995 film sequel D2-The Mighty Ducks are Back and the 1997 sequel, D3-The Mighty Ducks.

Brill made his motion picture directorial debut with Disney's Heavyweights, a comedy about a summer weight loss camp starring Ben Stiller. He went on to write several feature scripts and in 1997 did the production re-write on Dr. Dolittle starring Eddie Murphy. He then wrote and directed Late Last Night starring Emilio Estevez and Steven Weber.

In 2000, Brill directed and co-wrote Little Nicky with Adam Sandler. In addition to his writing and directing talents, Brill has a long list of acting credits, including Sex, Lies and Videotape, Postcards From the Edge, Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns and Adam Sandler's Little Nicky, The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy.


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