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EUGENE LEVY began his career on the acclaimed comedy series "SCTV," starring for eight seasons and portraying a gallery of memorable characters, including Earl Camembert, Bobby Bittman, Alex Trebel and Stan Schmenge. Other television credits include "Hiller and Diller," "Mad About You," "The Drew Carey Show," "Billy Crystal's Don't Get Me Started," "Bride of Boogedy," "The Last Polka," "The Enigma of Bobby Bittman" (which he also wrote and directed), "Maniac Mansion" (which he produced), and Showtime's "Sodbusters" (which he co-wrote and directed). He recently starred in Fox television's new series ‘‘Greg the Bunny.

On screen, Levy is perhaps best known as the go-with-the-flow dad in "American Pie and American Pie 2." He has co-starred in Christopher Guest's "Best of Show" and

"Waiting for Guffman," sharing writing credits on both films. His film credits also include "Almost Heroes," "Father of the Bride 2," "Multiplicity," "Once Upon A Crime" (which he also directed), "Stay Tuned," "Armed and Dangerous," "Club Paradise," "Splash," "National Lampoon's Vacation" and "Running."


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