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ROBERT FORSTER (Coach Wagner) made his motion picture debut in 1966 in "Reflections in a Golden Eye," co-starring with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, and followed that performance with a starring role in Haskell Wexler's "Medium Cool." Forster starred in several television series including the noir "Banyon" and "Police Squad," and had well-received roles in small films such as "Avalanche" and "Delta Force."

But it was young filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, who cast Forster as Max Cherry in "Jackie Brown," who revived the actor's career and suddenly put Forster in demand. That role earned Forster an Oscar® nomination for Best Supporting Actor. After "Jackie Brown" he starred in a quartet of independent films -- "Outside Ozona," "Family Tree," "The Magic of Marciano" and "It's the Rage" followed by an updated version of "Rear Window" and the MGM sci-fi adventure "Supernova."


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