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TIM STORY (Director) was born and raised in Los Angeles. He started his love affair with movies at the age of 12, making silent films with an 8mm camera inherited from his older brother. The cast always consisted of family and friends because they were free and convenient. While still in high school, Tim began a music career, rapping with Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate. Just before signing a record deal with Warner Bros., Tim's rap career came to an abrupt halt when a neighborhood rival fatally shot one of his group members.

After that tragedy, Tim began producing and directing talent shows and variety musicals. He attended USC film school from 1990 to 1993, honing his filmmaking skills. After leaving film school, Tim produced, wrote, edited, and directed two feature length films, paid for out of his own pocket. The two independent feature films to his credit are One Of Us Tripped in 1996 (winner of the Black Filmmaker's Hall of Fame Feature Film Festival) and The Firing Squad in 1998. He has also directed dozens of music videos for such acts as ‘N Sync, R. Kelly, Tyrese, Jon B and India.Arie. Barbershop is Tim's studio-driven directorial debut.


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