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CORY YUEN (Director) has over 30 Hong Kong feature releases to his credit, and has mastered every aspect of filmmaking, either as director, star, writer, producer, or action choreographer. His first U.S. project was the hit action comedy "Lethal Weapon 4" in which he served as martial arts choreographer. He also served as martial arts choreographer in "Romeo Must Die," starring Jet Li. Additionally, Yuen directed second unit for Twentieth Century Fox's science fiction action film "X-Men."

An alumnus from the prestigious Chinese Opera Academy, Yuen was one of the Seven Little Fortunes, a performing troupe that included fellow classmates Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. By the late 70s, he and the others had all gravitated toward film. For the next two decades Yuen was involved in some of the most popular films ever produced in Hong Kong, including "Hero," "The Black Rose," Mahjong Dragon," "High Risk," "My Father is a Hero," "The Bodyguard from Bejing," and Fong Sai-Yunk I and II," the latter four starring Jet Li.


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