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DAVEIGH CHASE (Chihiro) lends her personality and voice to the ten-year-old girl who accidentally stumbles into a strange world and becomes the heroine of "Spirited Away." Chase notes, "I loved that Chihiro's personality is like a regular girl my own age, and she shows real emotions that girls show everyday—it was great to be able to add all of that in her voice. Chihiro starts out a little sulky, because she doesn't want to move with her parents to a new town, and when she finds herself lost in a Spirit World, she has to learn how to survive using her own strengths. She learns about herself I think." 

On doing a movie that she heard originally in Japanese, Chase adds, "It was different from my previous voice-over roles, because since Chihiro is already animated, I had to match the speed of my voice to the character's lips….And still sound real. It was a bit tough at times, to fit in all the words and keep it real, but, I did it, and it was definitely fun to do! I love voice acting!! I liked getting a chance to work with director Kirk Wise too, he directed one of my favorite ever Disney movies (Beauty and the Beast)!!" 

Chase loves voice acting, and loves seeing the finished project. Chase notes, "This film is beautiful to look at! I love Japanese anime, and I really want to go and explore Japan. ‘Spirited Away' is an adventure movie, and if you follow it closely there are lessons to be learned, and it's not just for kids, adults will get into it too!" 

Chase recently earned rave notices and a place in the hearts of millions with her vocal performance as the quirky-but-loveable little girl who became guardian to the galaxy's most dangerous alien in Disney's smash animated hit "Lilo & Stitch." Among her other duties for Disney Studios, Chase will provide voices for Disney's newest animated television series "Fillmore!" which debuts on ABC this fall. She is also currently recording the voice of Lilo for the new animated television series, tentatively titled "The Adventures of Lilo & Stitch." 

Among the actress' other major credits, she appears as Samara in "The Ring," a remake of the highly rated Japanese horror flick, directed by Gore Verbinski for DreamWorks. Other film credits include "Donnie Darko" directed by Richard Kelly, Miramax's "Carolina," Waldo West's "Silence," 20th Century Fox' "The Rats," and the Joe Dante directed "R.L. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse," in which she played a young ghost named Annabel. "I felt I could fly" she states in regard to being rigged up in a harness and hoisted 40 feet in the air; "That was my favorite part."

Chase's numerous television credits include a series regular role in the upcoming fall FOX comedy "Oliver Beene" (DreamWorks/20th Century Fox TV). Chase plays Oliver's quirky bespectacled friend Joyce. Other guest appearances include "Family Law," "Touched By An Angel," "ER," and "The Practice;" as well as the 1937 period piece "The Lot." 

In addition to her acting talents, Chase is also a passionate singer. At the "2002 American Veteran Awards," she was honored to be invited to sing the National Anthem, as well as God Bless America—in which she was joined on-stage by Randy Travis and Michael Bolton. For director Steven Spielberg's film "A.I." (DreamWorks), Chase had the opportunity to work in the Warner Bros. Studio with renowned composer John Williams. She was delighted to sing lead with a band, on the main stage, as an opening act for Reba McEntire at the Oregon Jamboree '99. 

Daveigh Chase is charismatic and down to- earth, she loves the entertainment industry but has a wide variety of outside interests as well; and she loves to spend time with family and friends.

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