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SETH KEARSLEY (Director) studied film at California Institute of the Arts before moving to Los Angeles to work on MTV's "The Maxx." Kearsley spent the next couple of years honing his skills on a variety of animated television shows, including a season as a layout artist on "The Simpsons." In 1996, Kearsley became the Producer/Director of the animated kid's show "Mummies Alive." The show gave him a chance to develop his directing style and even flex his creative wings, occasionally, by helping out with writing duties.

After wrapping up "Mummies," Kearsley had the opportunity to collaborate with Scott Adams and former "Seinfeld" supervising producer Larry Charles, to bring the popular comic strip character, "Dilbert," to the small screen. Only 26, Kearsley was the youngest supervising director of a prime time show ever. While the show was short lived, it won an Emmy for Best Main Titles and gave Kearsley the experience he would need to take on his next challenge.

In 2000, at age 28, Kearsley became one of the youngest directors of an animated feature, when he was given the enviable task of helming Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights. Kearsley took the story from script to screen in only two years, half the time it takes for most animated movies to be completed.


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