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HOLT MCCALLANY is expected to break from the pack this year and turn the respect he has long had from directors and fellow actors into wider recognition and popular acclaim. His commanding physical presence and incredible range have recently taken him from portrayals of a fantasy hunk in "Mumford" to a rigid Army captain in "Three Kings" to a brutal extremist in "Fight Club."

He has recently completed filming on "Against the Ropes," in which McCallany co-stars with Meg Ryan and Omar Epps, directed by his long-time friend Charles Dutton.

Dutton and Twohy are new to the long list of directors who have had the opportunity to work with him, a list that also includes Lawrence Kasdan, David Fincher, Mimi Leder, William Friedkin and John Milius. His filmography also includes "Men of Honor," "Jade," " The Devil's Advocate" and "The Peacemaker." He has also starred in prestigious long form television projects including "The Rough Riders." with Tom Berenger and Sam Elliott, and "Tyson," opposite George C. Scott and Paul Winfield. McCallany's background is its own great odyssey. Born in New York and raised in Nebraska, at 14 he ran away to Los Angeles to become an actor, but ended up toiling in a screwdriver factory. His parents eventually tracked him down and sent him to school in Ireland. After graduation, he studied theater in Paris and then came home to New York, where he made his debut in the Broadway production of "Biloxi Blues."


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