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JOHNNY KNOXVILLE. a genuine Knoxville. Tennessee native moved to Hollywood with aspirations of becoming a big-time movie star, but soon found himself slumming it on the commercial actor circuit instead. Between casting calls, he freelanced as a journalist for a variety of magazines, including Big Brother Skateboarding Magazine, whose art/editorial director capitalized on Knoxville's remarkable penchant for putting himself in harm's way in a rather hilarious fashion. For fun and further notoriety, Knoxville was soon hinging himself off, on or into any number of dangerous situations, including a bull, a car and a half-pipe, much to the delight of skateboarders everywhere.

"The person who had the biggest effect on my point of view and sense of humor was my father, because he was always pulling pranks on me and his employees," says Knoxville. "One of my favorites was the time he gave all his employees, at the tire company he owned, chocolate milkshakes filled with Ex-lax."

Knoxville most recently appeared in Barry Sonnenfeld's highly successful sequel, "Men in Black 2."


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