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JAMES MARSDEN (Cyclops) reprises his role as a character whose eyes release an optic blast, which, at full power, can punch holes through mountains.

Marsden stars in the upcoming independent features "The 24th Day" with Scott Speedman, "Interstate 60" with Gary Oldman and Amy Smart, and "The Notebook" with Ryan Gosling, James Garner and Joan Allen. He also appeared on the Emmy Award-winning series "Ally McBeal," as Ally's love interest, Glenn Foy.

Prior to "X-Men," Marsden starred in the thriller "Disturbing Behaviour," with Katie Holmes and Nick Stahl. He also starred opposite Norman Reedus and Kate Hudson in the drama, "Gossip," and in the comedy, "Sugar and Spice."

An Oklahoma native, Marsden discovered his natural acting talent after his mother convinced him to enroll in a tenth grade drama class. A brief stint at Oklahoma State University confirmed Marsden's ambition to pursue acting as a career. He headed to Los Angeles and, within two months, began working steadily in various television productions. His TV credits include starring roles in the highly rated mini-series "Bella Mafia" and the family oriented drama "Second Noah." Marsden also originated the role of Griffin on the hit series "Party of Five" and played Doc Barker in the HBO film "Public Enemy #1."


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