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ALEXANDER GOULD (Nemo) is the spirited voice of the title clown fish, Nemo, whose abduction sets into motion a sea-worthy adventure that takes him – and his fretful father Marlin – from sea to shore and back again. Gould auditioned for the role along with many other young hopefuls and was personally selected by director Stanton for the pivotal part.

Gould, now nine years old, has been acting since the age of two. His TV series guest appearances include episodes of "Freaks and Geeks” and "Malcolm in the Middle” (2000), "Ally McBeal,” "7th Heaven” and "Family Law” (2001), and "Even Stevens” and "Boomtown” (2002). His telefilm credits include Dimension Films' drama "Mexico City” (2000), and HBO's drive-in-era retro sci-fi thriller "The Day The World Ended” (2001).

Gould's previous feature credits include the Wes Craven-produced thriller "They” and the indie "Wheelmen” (both 2002). He lives in Los Angeles.

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