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GRAHAM WALTERS (Producer) makes his producing debut on "Finding Nemo” following a distinguished career as a technical director, supervising technical director and production manager in the world of computer animation. Walters served a seven-year stint at Pacific Data Images (PDI) before joining Pixar in 1994. His Pixar credits include contributions to "Toy Story,” "A Bug's Life,” and "Toy Story 2.” 

Born in Paris, France, Walters spent his formative years in a variety of locations in the United States, England, and Canada. At the University of Pennsylvania, he majored in computer science and engineering. Sponsored by fellowships from NASA and the National Science Foundation, he continued his graduate studies there and received a master's degree in 1987. 

At PDI, Walters worked on projects for Jim Henson Productions. At Pixar, he started as a technical director on "Toy Story,” served as supervising technical director on "A Bug's Life” and went on to assume the role of production manager on "Toy Story 2.”


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