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MARK WAHLBERG (Charlie Croker) is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, having headlined three of the top-grossing films of the past few years: "Three Kin us," "The Perfect Storm" and "Planet of the Apes," which earned almost $400 million worldwide. He's gotten there by consistently working with visionary and prestigious filmmakers such as David 0. Russell, Wolfgang Petersen. Tim Burton and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Wahlberg's breakout performance in "Boogie Nights" launched him into the public consciousness. His additional credits include "The Truth About Charlie," James Gray's "The Yards," "The Corruptor," "The Big Hit," "Traveller" and "Fear." One of his first starring roles was in "The Basketball Diaries" with Leonardo DiCaprio, and he made his feature film debut in Penny Marshall's ‘‘Renaissance Man.''

Wahlberg began his career as a hip-hop artist and has two hit albums to his credit. He is also known internationally for the groundbreaking Calvin Klein advertising campaign.


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