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JOHN MALKOVICH (Pascal Sauvage) is one of the leading actors of his generation and an important figure in world cinema. In 1976, Malkovich helped to make theatrical history when he co-founded the soon-to-be-famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago. Seven years later, he won an Obie Award when the Steppenwolf production of Sam Shephard's True West was brought to New York. His next New York theatrical appearance was on Broadway alongside Dustin Hoffman in the 1984 revival of Death of a Salesman. (This same production was transformed into a telefilm one year later and Malkovich won an Emmy for his portrayal of Biff Loman.) While he was working on Broadway, he made his film debut, playing a blind transient in Places in the Heart (1984), which earned him an Academy Award® nomination. That same year, he also had a starring role in the highly acclaimed The Killing Fields. Malkovich is perhaps best-known to audiences for his acclaimed portrayal of Vicomte de Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons. He received both Golden Globe and Oscar® nominations for his portrayal of the political assassin in In the Line of Fire (1993).

Malkovich has worked with some of the film industry's finest directors and his long and impressive film career highlights include leading roles in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, Jane Campion's Portrait of a Lady, Bernardo Bertolucci's The Sheltering Sky, Randall Wallace's The Man in the Iron Mask, Spike Jonze's cult film hit Being John Malkovich, Elias Merhige's Shadow of a Vampire, Liliana Cavani's Ripley's Game and David Levien and Brian Koppelman's Knock Around Guys.

Maintaining his theatrical ties while tending to his successful film career, Malkovich appeared in the 1993 Broadway production State of Shock, and has periodically returned to Chicago to both act and direct. Malkovich is also known as an accomplished director and producer, most recently directing and producing The Dancer Upstairs, starring Javier Bardem. Malkovich's producing credits include Ghost World, The Loner, The Fun Seller and Found in the Street.


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