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JENNA BOYD (Sally Finney) is about to steal the hearts of America. The little girl from Fort Worth, Texas, has already had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in

Hollywood. Jenna's loveable personality and natural acting ability have garnered her lead roles in several feature film and television projects. Among them are "The Hunted" opposite Benecio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones, which was directed by William Friedkin, and "Mary Christmas" where she portrays the lead role of Felice, the daughter of the film's star and director, John Schneider. She will also be seen in the upcoming Ron Howard film "The Missing." In addition to her highly regarded film work, Jenna is no stranger to the small screen where she has recently landed guest-starring roles in such groundbreaking shows like "Six Feet Under," "CSI" and "Just Shoot Me!"

Although she has a genuine love for acting, Jenna manages to fit a lot of extra activities into her already busy day. Confessing her plans for when she grows up, she says, "When I was three years old, I told everyone I wanted to be a baby-sitter when I grew up, but now that I have started a ‘spy club' with my friends, I want to do both." Jenna admits that the hardest part of leading a spy club is making sure everyone pays their dues on time. Jenna has been figure skating competitively for the past six years, winning several gold medals, and has finally conquered the axle.

When Jenna is not skating, playing "secret agent" or making homemade perfumes, she enjoys movies and hanging out with her younger brother, Cayden, who is following very closely in his big sister's footsteps. They star together in the independent film "Exposed."


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