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ROBERT DUVALL has starred in some of America's most acclaimed films: The Godfather, which earned him an Oscar nomination, and The Godfather, Part II; he was nominated a second time for an Oscar for his performance in Apocalypse Now; he was nominated a third time for The Great Santini, and won an Academy Award as Best Actor for Tender Mercies.

Duvall wrote, directed and starred in The Apostle, receiving an Academy Award nomination for the title character. He co-starred in Deep Impact and A Civil Action, which won him his sixth Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe nomination. He followed this with Gone in 60 Seconds. Duvall honed his craft in such 60's and 70's classics as Bullitt, True Grit, M*A*S*H, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The Eagle Has Landed, The Greatest and The Betsy. The 80's saw him in The Stone Boy, The Natural, The Lightship, Let's Get Harry and Colors as well as the popular mini-series Lonesome Dove. During the 90's, Duvall starred in Days of Thunder, A Handmaid's Tale, A Show of Force, Convicts, Rambling Rose, Falling Down, Geronimo and Wrestling Ernest Hemingway.

Duvall formed Butcher's Run Films in 1992, starring in A Family Thing, which earned a Humanitas Award, followed by The Man Who Captured Eichmann. In the last few years, Duvall has been seen in The Paper, The Stars Fell on Henrietta, The Scarlet Letter, The Sixth Day and A Shot at Glory.

Duvall's most recent credits include Gods & Generals, the prequel to Gettysburg, in which he stars as General Robert E. Lee, and John Q. He also directed, wrote, produced and starred in the acclaimed Assassination Tango. He was most recently seen in director Kevin Costner's Open Range.

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