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TOM CRUISE (Captain Nathan Algren / Producer) made his film debut in 1981 with the critically acclaimed Taps and has subsequently experienced a distinguished and distinctive career. He last starred as "pre-cog" specialist John Anderton in Steven Spielberg's futuristic thriller Minority Report, the latest of his many intriguing, ground-breaking and diverse films. He has collaborated with some of the film industry's most respected directors and actors, including Barry Levinson and co-star Dustin Hoffman in the Academy Award-winning Rain Man; Martin Scorsese in The Color of Money, opposite Paul Newman; Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July; Cameron Crowe's Jerry Maguire and Vanilla Sky; Ron Howard's Far and Away; Sydney Pollack's The Firm; and Neil Jordan's Interview with the Vampire, to name just a few.

In 1983, Cruise won widespread acclaim for his bravura performance in Risky Business, which earned him his first Golden Globe nomination. He went on to create one of the most memorable characters of all time, flying ace Maverick, in the highest-grossing film of 1986, Top Gun. In 1989, Cruise received his first Oscar nomination and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in Oliver Stone's searing tale of Viet Nam veteran Ron Kovic in Born on the Fourth of July. More accolades and a Golden Globe nomination followed in 1992 with Rob Reiner's A Few Good Men, also starring Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore. In 1996 he received an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in Jerry Maguire. In 1999, Cruise dazzled audiences and critics alike with his work in P.T. Anderson's ensemble drama Magnolia. His powerful performance earned him his third Academy nomination and his third Golden Globe Award, this time for Best Supporting Actor. That same year he starred in what would be Stanley Kubrick's final film, the psychological thriller Eyes Wide Shut.

Cruise is currently filming Collateral, directed by Michael Mann.

A testament to his critical and popular success, Cruise has received numerous awards, tributes and nominations, including The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, the BAFTA Awards, The Chicago Film Critics Association, The Golden Satellite Awards, The National Board of Review, The People's Choice Awards, The Screen Actors Guild Awards and The Kids' Choice Awards. In 1987, the ShoWest Convention acknowledged Cruise as the Boxoffice Star of the Year and, in 1990, the American Cinema presented him with its Distinguished

Achievement Award. He earned Harvard's Hasting Pudding Man of the Year Award in 1994 and the prestigious American Cinematheque Award in 1996. In 1998, the Artists Rights Foundation recognized Cruise with the John Huston Award, an honor bestowed upon those known for safeguarding the integrity of the artistic process.

Cruise is also a successful producer. In 1993, he teamed with Paula Wagner to form Cruise/Wagner Productions, which quickly grew to become one of the industry's leading production companies, known for its commitment to supporting new talent. The first film released under the Cruise/Wagner banner was the 1996 worldwide blockbuster Mission: Impossible. That same year, Cruise/Wagner collaborated with Cameron Crowe on the award-winning Jerry Maguire. In 1997, the Producers Guild of America celebrated Cruise/Wagner with the Nova Award for the Most Promising Producers in Theatrical Motion Pictures. The following year, Cruise/Wagner produced the critically acclaimed film about runner Steve Prefontaine, Without Limits, written by Robert Towne, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Chinatown.

In Cruise/Wagner's 2000 hit sequel Mission: Impossible 2, Cruise r


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