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GARY COLE (Henry Futch) is a veteran actor whose career spans more than 20 years and encompasses feature films, television movies and series, and the stage.  Film audiences recognize him from a variety of roles, including his retro re-creation of patriarch Mike Brady in both "Brady Bunch” movies, as well as in the telefilm "The Brady Bunch in the White House.”

He more recently reunited with "The Brady Bunch Movie” director Betty Thomas for another television-to-film adaptation, "I Spy.”  He also starred in the Sam Raimi films "The Gift” and "A Simple Plan,” and in Mike Judge's "Office Space.”  Cole's other film credits include "One Hour Photo,” "The Rising Place,” "Kiss the Sky,” "Gang Related” and "Lucas.”  His upcoming films include "Living the Lie” and "Dodgeball: The Movie.”

Cole first came to prominence with his portrayal of Jeffrey MacDonald, the infamous ex-Green Beret convicted of killing his family, in the miniseries "Fatal Vision.” He has since starred in such longform television projects as "Echoes in the Darkness,” "Son of the Morning Star” and the HBO miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon,” among many others.  In addition, Cole has starred in several series, including "Midnight Caller,” "American Gothic” and the remake of "Family Affair.”  He has also lent his voice to the animated shows "Kim Possible” and "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.”

Hailing from Illinois, Cole was a theatre major at Illinois State University and is one of the founding members of Chicago's Remains Theatre Ensemble.  He has worked extensively on the stage, and won the Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actor for his performance in the Chicago production of "Bang!”


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