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KRISTEN WILSON (Michelle Vaughn) made her debut in feature films with a supporting role in Who's the Man, which led to parts in numerous other films, including Get on the Bus, Pompatus of Love, Girl 6, Bulletproof, Cross-Eyed, Dr. Dolittle and its subsequent sequel Dr. Dolittle 2, The Photographer, Harlem Aria, Dungeons & Dragons, Ritual, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Wilson also has extensive experience in television; she is well known for her recurring role on The District. Her other credits include My Wife and Kids, Crossing Jordan, Loveland, New York Undercover, Tyson, and Matt Waters. Wilson's work in theater consists of the Broadway hit "Nick and Nora," "1492," "The Hunchback," "A Funny...Forum," "A...My Name is Alice," "The Club," and the national tour of "West Side Story."


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