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THE ROCK (Chris Vaughn) has solidified his position among Hollywood's hottest leading men. His co-starring role in The Mummy Returns first brought him to the attention of the entertainment industry, and his starring role in The Scorpion King broke box office records with the biggest April opening of all time. The Rock's latest film was the hit The Rundown.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Hawaii, The Rock went on to become a third-generation professional wrestler, following the WWF careers of his father, Rocky Johnson, and his grandfather, Samoan High Chief Peter Maivia. The Rock shined as a high school All-American and as a star defensive lineman for the University of Miami Hurricanes. He had a brief career in the Canadian Football league, then after a shoulder injury turned to the world of wrestling. "The People's Champion" went on to set a record as the six-time World Wrestling Federation Champion.

The Rock has appeared on numerous television programs, most notably as the host of March 2000's Saturday Night Live, which received the show's highest rating that year, as well as a guest star appearance on That 70's Show (playing his own father, Rocky Johnson). He also addressed both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions in 2000. Not content to remain in front of the camera, his autobiography, The Rock Says, was released in January 2000 and shot to number one on The New York Times Bestseller List.

The Rock resides in Florida with his wife, Dany, and daughter, Simone Alexandra.


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