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NEAL McDONOUGH (Jay Hamilton), who displays astonishing versatility with a wide range of roles in film, television and theater, was most recently seen in NBC's critically acclaimed Boomtown and the recent release Timeline.

McDonough was also seen in the popular Minority Report and HBO's award winning Band of Brothers as well as Ravenous, Star Trek: First Contact, and A Perfect Little Man, for which he earned the Best Actor award at the 2000 Atlantic City Film Festival. He also starred in the telefilm Grace and Glory opposite Diane Lane.

Besides his work in film and television, McDonough starred in Jim Sheridan's "Always Alone," for which he received the prestigious Dramalogue Best Actor award.

McDonough earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and was trained at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts and Sciences. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his fiancée, Ruvé.


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