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KHLEO THOMAS (Pete), who fans of all ages can't seem to get enough of since the summer 2003 release of the Disney feature film "Holes," where he plays the lead role of Zero in the popular film based on the children's book by Louis Sachar. Thomas will next be seen in Disney's "Going to the Mat."

At the young age of three, Khleo was already showing signs of talent with his uncanny impersonations of celebrities like Chris Tucker and Robin Williams. This led to his first commercial for McDonald's and the beginning of a long career in the medium, and he's only 14. Today, look for Khleo in commercials for Toaster Strudel, PlayStation 2: Backyard Games, and Adidas. He also starred in Reebok, Pert Plus shampoo, Disney's Playskool Sweepstakes, United States Teachers Association, and Nuveen commercials.

Khleo's television credits include popular shows such as NBC's City Guys, CBS' Family Law, Kids Say the Darndest Things with Bill Cosby (which led to an Oprah Winfrey Show appearance at the age of 7), and Wait Till You Have Kids. In addition to Oprah, he recently appeared on the Montel Williams Show and the Wayne Brady Show. Khleo's theatrical resume is just as impressive with roles including Victor in "Danny & The Golden Millennium Seed," Ralphy in "The Desperate Hours," and as Little Jimmy in "Call for Peace."

In addition to "Holes," Khleo's film accomplishments include "Reverend Do Wrong Ain't Right," "A Moment on Dorothy Dandridge," and playing a bad boy in the recent hit feature "Friday After Next." Since the release of "Holes," Khleo seems to show no signs of slowing down and audiences will enjoy more of Khleo in his costarring role of "Mario" in Mario VanPeebles upcoming film. He also completed a John Singleton short film, "Time Out," which he plays the role of "Khalid," a bully that gets it in the end.

Khleo often does his own stunts on set and is mean competition in any skateboarding park, flips, dips, and all. He can watch a music video or listen to rap songs, and mimic the talent just a few minutes later. Khleo is also featured on the "Holes" soundtrack in the song "Dig It" which was a recent number one hit. He's a collector of Japanese animation figures, building them from unassembled models, and can do something more impressive then all the above...wiggle his ears. He lives in Los Angeles with what he calls "the perfect parents."

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