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Creator and executive producer of the Emmy Award–winning television series "The Magic School Bus," JANE STARTZ was cofounder and Executive Vice President of Scholastic Productions, the film and television division of Scholastic Inc. As creative head of Scholastic Productions, Startz produced feature films ("The Indian In The Cupboard” and "The Baby-Sitters Club”) and television series ("The Baby-Sitters Club” and "Charles In Charge”), as well as many television dramas including "The Lawrenceville Stories (a trilogy for the American Playhouse) and "The Great Love Experiment,” an Emmy-winning after-school special.

Startz launched her own company in 1997, producing the critically hailed "The Mighty” (based on the book Freak the Mighty). The film, starring Sharon Stone, Gillian Anderson, and Gena Rowlands, was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. Her most recent production, Walt Disney Pictures'"Tuck Everlasting,” starring Sissy Spacek, William Hurt and Ben Kingsley, was an adaptation of Natalie Babbit's classic coming of age story.

Other book-based projects in the works are "The Tiger's Apprentice”, a trilogy by Lawrence Yep, "Bonnicula” by James Howe, and a series of films based on the novels of acclaimed young adult author Judy Blume. Startz has received over fifty major awards in the category of family entertainment including 2 Golden Globe nominations, 6 Emmys, 10 Emmy nominations, 2 Cable Ace Awards, the Action for Children's Television Award and a Parents Choice Award.


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