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EMILIO ECHEVARRÍA (Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna) is one of Mexico's most celebrated stage and screen actors. He began his career in 1978 as one of the creators of Arte y Sociedad, an institution which united many artists from different disciplines and provided a venue for art , cinema, theater, dance and music exhibitions and performances.

Although well-known in his homeland of Mexico, Echevarría's global profile grew immensely over the last two years with his starring roles in two critically acclaimed feature films – Alfonso Cuaron's "Y Tu Mama, Tambien,” one of 2002's most widelypraised releases, and "Amores Perros,” in which he delivered a heart-wrenching performance as El Chivo, the tramp who lives amidst a pack of wild dogs while working as a hitman for a corrupt cop.

His extensive film credits also include Maricarmen de Lara's "Bordano la Frontera,” Eduardo Herrera's "Dia Crucial para Ausencio Paredes,” Marisa Sistach's "Los Pasos de Ana,” Alejandro Pelayo's "Morir en el Golfo,” Dana Rotberg's "Intimidad,” Jaime Humberto Hermosillo's "Intimidades en un Cuarto de Baño,” Luis Estrada's "Ambar,” Valentina Leduc's "Un Volcan Con Lava de Hielo” and two films by Guita Schyfter, "Novia Que Te Vea” and "Sucesos Distantes.” Prior to his casting in "The Alamo,” Echevarría made his English language film debut in the latest James Bond feature, "Die Another Day.”

Echevarría has also performed in over twenty plays including "Querida Lulu,” "Nadie Sabe Nada,” "Los Perdedores” and "Don Juan.”


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