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PETE HEWITT (Director) has helmed six feature films. In 1991 he directed Keanu Reeves in "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.” This was followed by "Tom and Huck,” "The Borrowers” starring John Goodman and Jim Broadbent, and "Whatever Happened to Harold Smith” starring Sir Tom Courtenay.

In 2002 Hewitt produced and directed the feature comedy "Thunderpants,” which he wrote with writing partner Phil Hughes. Hewitt and Hughes have written over a dozen screenplays together. Their script "I Want Candy” is shooting in the U.K. this summer and their most recent script, "The Gentleman's Gentleman,” will be produced by GARFIELD producer John Davis. Hewitt will direct.

Hewitt's television credits include the mini-series "Wild Palms,” produced by Oliver Stone, and Princess of Thieves” for "The Wonderful World of Disney.” Hewitt is originally from Brighton, England, and he graduated from the prestigious National Film School in 1990. That same year he wrote and directed "The Candy Show,” which won the BAFTA Award for Best Short Film.


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