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English-born actor CLIVE OWEN (Arthur) studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Two years after leading RADA, at the age of 24, Owen was parachuted into the public consciousness when he played sharpsuited wheeler-dealer, Stephen Crane in the TV series, "Chancer.” He followed that mainstream success with a number of strong acting performances, most notably in "Close My Eyes,” in which he played a character who was having an incestuous relationship with his sister, and later in "Bent,” in which he played a gay man in Nazi Germany.

Throughout the 1990s, Clive Owen switched between stage and screen. On stage, he appeared in "The Philanderer,” "Design for Living,” and "Closer,” while on-screen there were a number of winning roles, including "Century,” "An Evening with Gary Lineker,” and the title character, Nick Sharman, in the TV series "Sharman.”

Owen played the lead role of DCI Ross Tanner in a quartet of full-length TV features "Second Sight” which was a popular and critical success in both the UK and the US (where it aired on PBS).

After his compelling performance as Jack Manfred in "Croupier,” a sleeper hit in the US in 2000, Clive Owen's star was firmly in the ascendancy. Robert Altman cast him in the award-winning period drama "Gosford Park” and he appeared alongside Matt Damon in "The Bourne Identity.” In the past three years, he has played The Driver in a series of high concept BMW advertisements ("Hire”) and has also played on stage in a West End production of "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg.” He was most recently seen in the feature films "Beyond Borders” with Angelina Jolie and "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead,” which reunited him with "Croupier” director Mike Hodges.


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