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PETER SARSGAARD (Reactor Officer Vadim Radtchenko) initially gained notice for his role in "The Man in the Iron Mask" opposite Leonardo DiCaprio and John Malkovich. His early film credits include "Dead Man Walking," "Desert Blue," "Another Day in Paradise" and the Showtime television presentation of "Freak City."

In "Boys Don't Cry," Sarsgaard received critical acclaim for his portrayal of John Lotter, man who befriends then kills Brandon Teena portrayed by OscarĀ®-winner Hilary Swank. He was recently seen in Wayne Wang's "The Center of the World," and in April 2002 he appeared opposite Val Kilmer in "The Salton Sea."

Sarsgaard attended the Actors' Studio Program at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, after which he was cast in Horton Foote's "Laura Dennis" at the Signature Theatre Company off-Broadway. A member of Douglas Carter Beane's New

York-based theatre company, The Drama Department, he appeared in its production of "Kingdom Of Earth."


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