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DAX SHEPARD (Tom Marshall) found himself in the spotlight in the wake of MTV's wildly popular celebrity-prank series "Punk'd,” which was created by Ashton Kutcher and quickly became the highest-rated program on cable. Upcoming, he will star in Fox's untitled Mike Judge film with Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph, and he has a role in "Sledge: The Story of Frank Sledge,” currently in pre-production.

In the breakout role as himself on "Punk'd,” Shepard enjoyed showcasing his acting skills and comedic training, which were honed during the time he spent studying improvisation at The Groundlings. After moving to Los Angeles from his native Michigan in 1995, Shepard began studying anthropology at UCLA. Upon receiving a degree, he decided to further pursue his passion for comedy.

Shepard's previous film credits include Fox's "Cheaper by the Dozen” and Lions Gate's "Hairshirt,” as well as two independent films entitled "Boyz-N-the-Burbs” and "Peruse."


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