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Born in Brooklyn, New York, SCOTT BAIO announced to his parents at age nine that he wanted to be an actor. He began his career in commercials in New York and at thirteen got his big break when he was chosen for the lead in director Alan Parker's Bugsy Malone. Baio's debut film proved to be an enormous success and was submitted by Great Britain in the 1976 Cannes Film Festival. His performance came to the attention of producer Garry Marshall who cast the young actor in a "Happy Days” spin-off pilot "Pinky” and in the series "Blansky's Beauties.”

Baio's looks and talent elevated him to the status of teen idol when he took the role of Chachi Arcola, Fonzie's cousin, which Marshall created especially for him on "Happy Days.” He was so successful in the part that it led to the spin-off series "Joanie Loves Chachi.”

After "Chachi” came Baio's equally successful title role in the series "Charles in Charge,” which ran from 1984 to 1990. He then went on to star as James Holbrook in the ABC series "Baby Talk.”

In addition to his success in comedy, Baio has also proven himself as a dramatic actor. On television, he starred in the Emmy-nominated "Luke Was There,” the ABC After School Special "All The Kids Do It,” both of which earned him Emmy nominations, and "The Boy Who Drank Too Much,” a personal favorite of Baio's in which he plays a teenage alcoholic. Other dramatic projects include "Run Don't Walk,” the HBO movie "The Truth About Alex,” and "Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion,” a telefeature in which Baio starred as a prosecuting attorney who puts Mason on the witness stand. He also starred for two years as Dr. Jack Stewart on the CBS series "Diagnosis Murder.”

Baio also starred in the NBC movie "Danielle Steele's Mixing Blessings.”

In addition to acting, Baio has successfully launched a directing career. His credits include "Charles in Charge,” "The New Lassie,” "Out of this World,” "Harry & The Hendersons” "Family Man,” "Shaky Ground” and "First Time Out.”

He will also appear in Wes Craven's werewolf thriller Cursed.

In his free time, Baio devotes himself to sports, his second greatest passion.


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