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Born in Los Angeles into a show business family, SKYLER SHAYE's talent became apparent at the age of five when she was hand picked for the movie Reverse Heaven. It was a very dramatic role but she handled it like a veteran actress. Shaye has been exclusively coached by her godfather, Academy Award® winner, Jon Voight. She has been in numerous films and TV sitcoms as well as appearing in John Ritter's last movie Manhood. She has fond memories of the actor, especially when he told her she was great in the film. She says she will never forget him.

Shaye is starring in ABC's new drama series "Grey's Anatomy” due this fall and also landed a starring role in the psychological thriller Solo, which begins production this fall. 

Shaye works out religiously every other day and enjoys swimming, going to the movies with friends and shopping. Shaye completed high school earlier this year and currently resides in Los Angeles with her family.

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