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MARK WAHLBERG most recently starred in last summer's hit film THE ITALIAN JOB. He has enjoyed playing diverse characters in both mainstream box-office hits and eclectic independent films, with visionary filmmakers as a common theme. He's worked with such prestigious directors as David O. Russell, Wolfgang Petersen, Tim Burton, Paul Thomas Anderson and Jonathan Demme.

Wahlberg's film career began with Penny Marshall's RENAISSANCE MAN and THE BASKETBALL DIARIES, followed by a star turn opposite Reese Witherspoon in FEAR. His breakout performance in BOOGIE NIGHTS launched him into the public consciousness and he headlined THREE KINGS and THE PERFECT STORM with George Clooney.

With HBO's critically acclaimed hit ENTOURAGE, Wahlberg now moves behind the scenes to produce his first television series. In addition, Wahlberg is executive producer and narrator of the documentary project JUVIES, an exploration of the juvenile justice system.


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